Ryan E. Morris Bio

Ryan E. Morris grinds the history of music into a fine powder, emulsifies it into a rock-Americana sausage, and presents it in a refined package for a discriminating consumer.

What's Up?

Ryan went solo in January 2013 after leading his four-member rock band, Fluoxetine, since 2005. Ryan spent most of April traveling middle America and the southeast supporting his first solo EP, "Gem and I." Playing 12 dates in 14 days, Ryan's 2013 Southern Grit Tour wowed audiences from Arkansas, to Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and back to Texas. With his interpersonally based rock-Americana, Ryan spun melodic yarns of broken hearts and his really great decision-making.

The Near Future

Ryan continues to play solo gigs, and recently piloted a new music project, Ryan E. Morris and The Banned. In August 2013, Ryan will tour the UK, Scotland, Ireland, and Denmark between gigs at The Copenhagen Songwriters Festival and The Listening Room International Songwriters Retreat at Engelsholm Castle. More music news to come. Check back here on an hourly basis!

"Where I'm Comin' From..."

Schooled in "the classics" by his father's '60s music reel-to-reel collection, Ryan E. Morris has been writing authentic rock songs since 2005. Ryan and his band, Fluoxetine, have been gracing the stages of Texas for many years in classic rooms, such as The Hole in the Wall, Momo's, Ego's, and the ever dingy, Trophy's.

The Story

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ryan E. Morris met drummer Ronny Michael Groover Haas in utero at a Bob Dylan concert in 1974. As they aged, they honed their rock skills on the mean streets of south Texas, running tacos for beer across the Mexican border. Their paths took them to separate corners of the globe for a period of years. In 2005, Ron returned to Austin, TX to write his doctoral thesis. The band Fluoxetine was born. Wedged between the pink granite boulders of Enchanted Rock, Ron and Ryan, employing sunset and madness, birthed Fluoxetine into this material plane. Ryan started writing his songs with Ron in the kitchen of Ryan's fashionably dilapidated east Austin abode.

The duo started playing sets at the legendary venues, such as Hole in the Wall, and Trophy's. After a few successful gigs, Ryan invited longtime friend and guitar player, Landis Armstrong, to help him record some home demos. Through no fault of his own, Landis learned the songs, and was bamboozled into the Trophy's gigs. Finally, one day Ryan and Landis met bassist Amy Hawthorne at The Omelettery. Amy cooked the best pancakes this side of grandma's house, and also served up her number on an old claim check. The original pieces of Fluoxetine were in place. With Ryan's lead, the band put out two albums, and played countless nights in Austin. Not satisfied with perfection, Ryan went solo in January 2013. And so it begins.

The Manifesto

Our grandparents had the war, our parents had marijuana, and we have Prozac. It is not much, but it seems like the theme of my generation is, "eat what they feed you." Gone are the days when the youth took to the streets in hunt of live culture. Gone are the days of revolutionary art. Maybe unchecked idealism was a failed policy. But at least they tried.

Not long ago, kids would stalk artists for years - hungering for the fresh meat of a new release from a band that had something to say. Today, we can rest in the comfort of our underwear, caress our wireless optical mice, rest our fingers on supple ergonomic keyboards, and drown in the stagnant waters of passive entertainment. Well I've had enough! I want to bite into a steak of raw guitars. I want the chemical smells of seared strings. I want to be enthused. Hell. I want to be ecstatic about the release of a new LP.

Where do we go from here?

What is important in life? Is it rock and roll? Is it network television? Is it possessions? Marketing experts instruct us to buy more. Does your head ache? Take this pill. Is your life meaningless? Buy this television. There is nothing like the high you experience from exchanging money for goods or services. It never lasts. You get home, setup your new television, and you are still not fulfilled. Are we, as a society, ready to accept the pursuit of happiness as a means to an end? Or will we always view those who seek meaning in life as egocentric lunatics?

Stay alert. Stay present. The life you save may be your own! This is not a public service announcement. This is live action rock and roll. It's coming soon to a town near you. Are you ready?








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